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We began our SETI@Home contribution on July 27, 2000 on our DEC Alpha system. Since that date it has progressed to the point where we are currently running SETI@Home on 11 of our systems with workunits distributed as follows:

DEC Alpha 433auRed Hat Linux 6.03 workunits
SGI Indigo 4400IRIX 6.22 workunits
SGI Indigo 4000IRIX 6.22 workunits
Dual Pentium Pro 200MHzRed Hat Linux 6.02 workunits
Dual Pentium III 500MHzRed Hat Linux 6.02 workunits
Pentium III 800MHzRed Hat Linux 6.02 workunits
AMD K6-2 350MHzRed Hat Linux 6.01 workunit
AMD K6-2 350MHzRed Hat Linux 5.21 workunit
AMD K6 266MHzOS/2 Warp 41 workunit
AMD K6 180MHzRed Hat Linux 6.02 workunits
Pentium 180MHzWindows 951 workunit
Pentium 133MHzWindows 951 workunit
AMD 486-66MHzRed Hat Linux 6.01 workunit

Our current group results can be found here.

As we continuously add systems to our small facility, we anticipate the table above will grow over time.

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