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The following image was created using Blender on a SGI Indigo GR2-Elan Graphics Worstation. It is for one of our Open Source games.
Remington 870P
Remington 870P (NOTE: I still need to make the folding stock. I'll finish this when I'm not so busy.)

The following images were scanned from prints taken from charcoal sketches made by Paul Allen. They were published in an art periodical in 1983.
Cougar, small
Cougar. This image was reduced from the actual size of the original scan of 6988x5088, 600dpi to this 1024x746, 600dpi image.
Cougar 2, small
Another big cat. This image was reduced from this 3650x5330, 600dpi image, to this 1024x1485, 600dpi image.
Pegasus, small
Fantasy art. The horse picture I derived this from had a rider so I had to improvise some of the musculature. This image was reduced from this 3416x5180, 600dpi image, to this 1024x1553, 600dpi image.

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